Mind and Supermind: “Beyond Emotional Intelligence: The Non-Ordinary Attention of Seers”

Join Peter L. Nelson, Ph.D., author of The Way of a Seer: Reflections from a Non-Ordinary Life, for a workshop on the experience of a seer: someone who can straddle two worlds at once. Explore the non-ordinary attention deployed by seers to perceive a person’s field, allowing them to directly know someone’s psycho-emotional state and the forces that shape it.

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September Newsletter – Register Now!

Don’t let the Fall go by without stretching your mind, body or spirit. With over 370 CLL classes on offer, there’s something for everyone – from professionals, to parents of young children to retirees – all at the CLL, the educational, cultural and social hub for the Santa Barbara community.

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September Community Forums

The campus community is invited to attend a second in a series of informational forums regarding SBCC’s PLLUMP (Program Location and Land Use Master Plan) progress.

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